Meet Me In The Hamptons

Who doesn’t’ want to spend their Memorial Day in the Hamptons?  It’s relaxed, refined, and unassuming, and all the while still the utmost in luxury and lifestyle.

There’s really no other place I would rather be this coming holiday weekend.  Gorgeous interiors, beautiful beaches and architecture, al fresco dining and parties galore, relaxed but perfectly elegant fashion, and plenty of fun celeb sightings to enjoy.

Take a look with me at what defines the culture of the Hamptons and what makes it the All-American getaway.  It is the true definition of what is current and beautiful in the American landscape and culture for it’s “Joie De Vivre” and love of life to the fullest.

See more on my Pinterest board, Meet me in the Hamptons for all the refined elegance that is the Hamptons..

xo, KF

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