Chic spaces for the on-the-go girl

If you’re like our EIC, Kathy Fielder, then we are betting your life is pretty hectic.  Here at KF, we know the importance of a command center, and we got to thinking about the value of us girls having a go to office space to recharge, reload and reinvent ourselves each day.

From perfectly organized to totally glam spaces, we are completely in love with the orderly office that looks gorgeous too!  We took a look at the three elements that are required to make your office beautiful and functional, so all you need to do is sit down and get to work.  Each office is a personal expression of you and how you work, so our tips are focused on how the environment feeds your soul, since great design is not merely something you do, it is actually something that is.

Tip No 1:  There must be a place for everything  ~ Staying organized and clutter free is the key to a beautiful space and keeps you focused.  There are so many gorgeous and functional pieces on the market today to help you streamline while looking amazing.

Tip No 2:  Colors are key to a relaxing and productive environment, but more importantly in our opinion, colors you relate to and that inspire you will help keep you focused and happy each time you walk in to sit down and get going for your day.  

Tip No 3:   We asked Kathy her No 1 tip for a chic + inspired glam office, and she said without a doubt having key pieces that calm your soul and inspire your senses are what make her more productive every day.  Whatever it is, pictures of family or books you enjoy seeing, structural pieces you love, something from a trip or travel that makes you smile every time you walk by.  In Kathy’s opinion, a well-rounded, well-traveled life with culture and experience shows, and it should show in the spaces you inhabit to inspire you every day.  “Live with the things you love.”

Gorgeous, striking and completely refined office spaces are a must for the chic lady exec.



xo, KF

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